Excellent product, easily mixable in water, no strong after taste and easy to drink. Love it.

Archan Ghosh

Only form of shilajit which has pleasing aroma and starts showing results from the very first day of usage..awesome product packed in a beautiful bottle.

Prithvi Rathore

EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!! Its a must have daily dose, like milk or ghee!!One of the product which actually gives you result and after intake of only 1 month I have seen the results in my mother. Her joint pain and specially Knee pain have started to improve, which I was struggling from years and have taken dozens of waste medicines etc.I would highly recommend for all females specially in Asian countries to take for becoming more stronger internally.

Zara Khan

Hi I’m giving review after using for more than 10days, I had a digestion issue I was not feeling energetic in the morning , I was not not able to eat more food , I used digestive enzymes and all it dint work , i saw many videos regarding shilajit on YouTube and other websites , 1350rs s very costly for me , it’s almost like my monthly saving , I bought it to check but after using for 10days it’s really working good , I had lactose and gluten issue , now I can eat anything and I’m feeling more energetic than before , it’s really worth to spend , rather than just wasting money useless supplemnts . I’ll really refer my frnds also to buy .


Excellent. Easy to use.thanks to akshay for giving us this wonder full product.I have used various shilajit product.this is the first time i found a real one


This is a great product. Benefits :- Numerous. Energy, Focus, Natural T booster and many. I am saying this coj I felt the difference.Commercials : – To all those who are saying its costly, believe me guys it is not. Compared to many that I have used be it of any company, when it comes to quality, the service and the front facing face with whom you can directly connect via his live sessions, the cost is nothing. Apart from that =, in terms of quantity and quality the price is very good. Dont bother much on price on this product, I bet you wont regret. ( Experienced many other companies)Dont bother much just buy and use it. It is GOOOOOD.Kudos!!

Harshit Rajpurohit

I tried your product Shilajit Pro. It’s FREAKING AMAZING!!! I also just realized that I’ve been anemic for years now!! What a change this has made to my health. It’s just brilliant!!! I want to thank you so much for doing your research and making this information and this product easily available to the public. Salute!

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