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Shilajit Pro

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Ancient ayurvedic superfood
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With Shilajit Pro, you can stay fit and healthy not just now but for evermore. Shilajit Pro is apt to be consumed by men and women alike. People of all ages have benefited from this ancient ayurvedic remedy. Just order your Shilajit pro online and relax. Don’t worry, we deliver at your door step.

Premium Quality

New 20gm

Purest natural shilajit

Provided in pure resin form

100% Lab tested product

sourced from pristine peaks of HIMALAYAS

Purified using traditional processes

provided in pure resin form

100% LAB TESTED product

purified using traditional processes

sourced from pristine peaks of HIMALAYAS

Shilajit Pro

Goodness of minerals & nutrients at its best

Shilajit is an ancient extract, obtained from the Himalayan region. It is found in Bhutan, India, China, Tibet and parts of central Asia since pre-historic times. Shilajit in Sanskrit means, “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness”.

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What Clients Speak

Excellent product, easily mixable in water, no strong after taste and easy to drink. Love it.
Archan Ghosh
Shilajit Pro Customer
Only form of shilajit which has pleasing aroma and starts showing results from the very first day of usage..awesome product packed in a beautiful bottle.
Prithvi Rathore
Shilajit Pro Customer

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